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Menopause is a significant transition that affects 100% of women for 7-14 years of their lives. There are 34 total symptoms associated with menopause, and the average woman experiences 10 of them, often simultaneously, and with varying degrees of intensity over time. It’s a complex process that impacts every aspect of her life – from mood to libido to hot flashes to brittle hair and nails.

And yet, even experts are poorly equipped to guide her through this process or provide meaningful relief. Only 20% of OB/Gyns receive any training on menopause, and the majority only prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy as a treatment, which 96% of women do not take. The untapped market potential is huge – Female Founders Fund estimates menopause care as a $600BN opportunity globally.

Phenology offers a comprehensive, non-hormonal suite of menopause relief products as well as holistic support through coaching and an app. Phenology treats the whole woman.


Developed with exclusive, patent-pending ingredients from DSM’s portfolio, Phenology’s core supplement regimen provides the most comprehensive relief on the market, addressing X symptoms. Clinically proven to reduce hot flashes, improve sleep and boost her mood.

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  • Minimally-invasive, saliva-based hormone test that she can take at home
  • No prescription or lab processing required
  • Empowers her with individual insights about her hormone levels so she can feel confident in her symptom management plan
  • exclusive to Phenology

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