The State of Innovation

Rapid technological shifts have raised consumers’ expectations of brands. Personalization is now table-stakes, and holistic offerings at the convergence of digital and products are becoming the norm. Most consumer products companies lack the deep digital and data capabilities to create truly compelling propositions that integrate technology and physical products. Developing them in-house takes a long time; buying them via M&A is costly. In hyper-competitive markets, Hologram can deliver digitally-native innovation for a fraction of the time and cost, helping our partners stay on the leading edge.

charts showing personalization, diagnostics, innovation and cost risk for large companies

Hologram Lines of Business

Hologram specializes in rapid, digitally-native innovation for consumer and medical health. We deploy our expertise across 3 core lines of business:


We launch our own DTC health and wellness brands, vet product-market-fit, and then make them available to partners for licensing – either branded or white-labeled. This model enables a partner to launch in-market with a de-risked proposition in as little as 6 months.


Our rapid innovation teams partner with global companies to launch new initatives and business models in a fraction of the time vs. in-house development. With a deep pool of in-house experts, we bring together strategy, science, and commercial capabilities to create scaling programs that drive positive health outcomes.


With an eye towards disruptive market trends, Hologram identifies the most innovative companies in health & wellness and makes strategic investments that give us exclusive access to groundbreaking technology and IP.

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Phenology: Master Menopause

Comprehensive non-hormonal menopause relief program that combines clinically-validated diagnostics with the most comprehensive supplements and a digital app to track and manage symptoms. In-platform coaching from menopause experts gives her 1:1 support without needing to go to the doctor’s office.

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Momentous: Maximize Human Performance

Hologram invested both capital and technology to propel Momentous to become the market leader in human performance, supporting new levels of cognitive function, athletic performance, and optimized sleep.

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d.velop: Strengthen Immunity

As the world reopens, immunity health is a growing concern, and our customized solutions meet this essential need head on. d.velop(TM) is our first brand to launch, designed to optimize vitamin-D immunity through advanced diagnostics and sound science.

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Our 3-D Innovation Framework

From customer research to rapid prototyping, from novel ingredient research, to advanced analytics of in-market experimentation, serving our customers is the foundation for everything we build. This drives us to uncover unmet needs and design solutions that will make a meaningful difference towards optimal health.

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Our Collaboration Model

Internal innovation can be slow and often faces challenges with scalability, while innovation via M&A is costly. You can access our innovation pipeline or partner with us in a co-development capacity, leveraging our AI-enabled health platform for new health innovation.

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